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Dow Industries is a global leader in the converting of film and paper to high-quality, pressure-sensitive labels. With over 28 years of printing experience Dow Industries provides a vertically integrated, systems approach to label decoration focusing on label aesthetics, functionality and application. By offering a broad range of solutions to customers’ requests for high quality pressure sensitive labels, we help enhance the image of their high-quality merchandise. Dow labels can be found on products in markets such as Health & Beauty, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Consumer Products, Beverage, Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical.

Dow Industries has a proven track record in providing responsiveness, accessibility, flexibility and reliability to our customers. Dow Industries has established, documented, implemented and is maintaining a quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

With over 225 printing and packaging awards to our credit – including four prestigious World Label Awards and two TLMI “Best Of Show Awards” - Dow Industries is recognized as one of the world’s finest label printers. We’ve consistently demonstrated the ability to transform the most challenging packaging projects into product launch successes.

Labels without Limits! ™…Our view:

In today’s retail marketplace, store shelves are cluttered with products. Make no mistake about it, within this fiercely competitive business arena, the package is the tiebreaker. There’s no limit to what we will do to give our customers the competitive edge they deserve by having the label help sell the product.

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